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Evaluate the impact of transfusion on platelet activation and aggregation, in a series of biological measures (T1 before and T2 after transfusion ) realized in 2 randomized groupes of the REALITY trial (liberal strategy of blood transfusion in patients with a myocardial infarct and anemy compared to a conservative strategy without blood transfusion)


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Impact of transfusion of red blood cell on platelet activation and aggregation studied with flow cytometry use and light transmission aggregometry.

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8 french centers

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Public (CRC 2016)



Impact of Transfusion of Red blood cell on platelet Activation, aggregatioN and Systemic biomarkers with clinical Follow Up Studied in patients with anemia and Myocardial InfarctiON of the REALITY study – (TRANSFUSION-REALITY)

Study Description

Anemia in patients with myocardial infarction (MI) is a relatively frequent issue, resulting in poorer outcome. There is equipoise regarding which transfusion strategy is best, and there is an international consensus on the urgent need for a randomized trial. The REALITY study hypothesize that a "restrictive" transfusion strategy (triggered by Hb <= 8 g/ dL) will be clinically non-inferior to a "liberal" transfusion strategy (triggered by Hb <= 10g/ dL) but will be less costly.
TRANSFUSION-REALITY is a biological ancillary substudy of the REALITY study evaluating impact of RBC transfusion on platelet activation, aggregation and systemic biomarkers of thrombosis and inflammation in a series of biological measurements (baseline at randomization (before the first RBC transfusion (T0)), after RBC transfusion (on the next day after randomization and/or transfusion according to the group (T1)) and at discharge (T2) from the cardiology service.


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